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                                    Aluminum Gates
The aluminum gate is one of Edko's SafeGlide Gate Systems. It is a highly durable, safe, easy-to-operate perimeter security solution. This rugged system represents  decades of experience in structural engineering, gate manufacturing, and installation. They outlast traditional alternatives by years and years, giving you real value and performance even in demanding high-cycle applications.

  • Easily erected and maintenance free
  • Built with a movement mechanism made to last, even under the strain of high-cycle and high speed operation
  • Enclosed track for safety, reducing liability risks
  • Single openings from 10 feet to 80 feet are available and are determined by the system types below
  • When high-cycle,  high-speed operation or high-wind loading are a factor, SafeGlide gates are a must
  • Makes gates easy to operate, whether by hand or automatic operation
  • Extends life of gate openers
  • For use on Industrial / Commercial / Residential Gates
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty (Please see Edko, Inc. Limited Warranty)


SafeGlide aluminum gate systems are made to be paired easily with gate operators and are designed to handle high-cycle, high-speed and high-wind load applications. The truck assembly has two-inch permanently sealed bearings that require no greasing.



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Double Track

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Micro-Box Frame


Macro-Box Frame


EDKO SafeGlide Aluminum Cantilever Gate System


1.0.0. Equipment

1.1.0. Cantilever System

1. General

High performance cantilever system shall be as manufactured by EDKO, Inc, 1019 Airpark Drive, Sugar Grove, Illinois, 60554 (800) 800-EDKO, Fax (630) 556-4478 or approved equal. System shall facilitate installation of a top-hung, enclosed track, internal roller type cantilever sliding gate system as per ASTM F 1184-88 Type II, Class 2. Class 1 gates, i.e. designs using external rollers or other support systems, shall not be acceptable. All forms of measurements contained herein are furnished to establish minimum acceptable standards. Gate frame shall be provided by others.

2. Frame / Enclosed Track

Gate frame shall be fabricated from minimum 2" square 6061-T6 structural-grade aluminum alloy tubing weighing a minimum of 1.1 pounds per foot. Frame shall be welded at all corners so as to form a rigid unit. Gate shall be fabricated as a single welded unit with Uniweld construction. Intermediate vertical members shall be 2" X 2" 6061-T6 structural-grade aluminum alloy, weighing a minimum of 1.1 pounds per lineal foot. Intermediate verticals shall be spaced apart no more than 6'0" on center, and all vertical members gusseted at top and bottom for greater frame strength and rigidity. Enclosed track shall be a one-piece extrusion of 6061-T6 structural-grade aluminum alloy, weighing a minimum of 3.95 pounds per foot. Track shall be formed to enclose the internal-roller truck assemblies and structurally adequate to serve as the load-bearing surface for the gate panel. Reaction load rating of the track shall be a minimum of 2,000 pounds. Gate frame shall employ bi-directional cross bracing of 3/16" diameter stainless steel preformed aircraft cable, or diagonal tubular aluminum, installed in the vertical plane throughout the gate proper and the counterbalance to allow for vertical chord adjustment, and to add further rigidity to the gate.

3. Internal-Roller Truck Assembly

Internal-roller truck assembly shall be self-aligning, swivel ball-and-socket type running on four bearing-wheels. Bearing-wheels shall be a minimum 2" diameter x 9/16" wide, rated as medium duty, with a basic dynamic load rating of 2,750 pounds per bearing. Truck body shall be a one-piece structural grade 356-T6 aluminum alloy casting, equipped with milled steel guide wheels to ensure lateral alignment within the track. Guide wheel axle shall extend through the top and bottom of the truck body so as to assure that, regardless of wear, the guide wheels cannot come loose from the axle and lodge in the track. Internal-roller truck assembly shall be affixed to the hanger bracket or other mounting fixture by means of a 5/8" diameter industrial-grade rod end/center bolt, with a maximum static load rating of 10,000 pounds. Attachment of the center bolt to the truck body shall be by means of a swivel joint to ensure equivalent and consistent loading on all bearing-wheels and internal track surfaces throughout the travel of the gate. Internal-roller truck assembly shall have the same reaction load as the enclosed track.

4. Mounting Hardware

Bottom guide assembly shall consist of a steel mounting bracket with two 3" diameter phenolic roller wheels with sealed roller bearings mounted in such a way as to limit or contain gate lateral movement without binding. Roller wheels shall be braced top and bottom by the essential construction of the bottom guide in such a fashion as to prevent lateral gate movement which could deform the axles of the wheels and defeat the bottom guide assembly. Hanger assembly shall consist of minimum 3/8" thick steel plate, gusseted, which is to be affixed to a 4" O.D. post by means of 1/2" diameter U-bolts. All mounting hardware shall be hot-dip galvanized or plated for corrosion resistance.

5. Support Structure

Enclosed track shall be attached as per manufacturer's instructions to the gate frame provided by others. Completed gate assembly shall be erected on two 4" O.D. posts of schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe weighing a minimum of 9.1 pounds per foot.

6. Quality Assurance

Contractor shall verify that the gate frame structure to which the high performance cantilever system is to be affixed shall have been designed and constructed so as to meet "Minimum Performance Criteria, Type II, Class 2 Gates" as specified in ASTM F 1184-88, with particular reference to vertical chord deflection and lateral chord deflection. Any Class 1 gate shall not be acceptable. Gate opening size shall not exceed 30 feet, with an overall length not to exceed 42 feet.

7. Warranty

System components manufactured and supplied by EDKO, Inc. shall have a one-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.



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